David LaRochelle

author & illustrator

I Was an Outer Space Chicken

I Was an Outer-Space Chicken

by David LaRochelle
illus­trat­ed by Mike Gor­man
Ster­ling Chil­dren’s Books, 2019
Ages: 9 to 12
Paper­back, 96 pages
ISBN 978–1‑4549–2921‑5

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Alien Math Book No. 1

When num­ber-lov­ing Lex­ie and Lamar are abduct­ed by a six-legged alien, they’ll need all their math-solv­ing skills in order to out­smart the alien mon­sters they encounter and get back home safe­ly. Test your wits as you attempt to solve the same chal­leng­ing puz­zles Lex­ie and Lamar face!

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“Again and again, math, log­ic, and num­bers get Lex­ie and Lamar out of sticky situations.…The math will be enough to draw some read­ers in while the action-packed sto­ry will keep the math-averse reading—and per­haps occa­sion­al­ly flex­ing their math mus­cles too. This play­ful math series is over­all a valu­able addi­tion to the chap­ter-book shelf.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“LaRochelle shrewd­ly inte­grates the numer­i­cal puz­zles (which involve pat­terns, prob­a­bil­i­ty, mea­sur­ing sys­tems, and sym­me­try) into his mad­cap plot, and the play­ful com­pe­ti­tion between the math whiz kids fur­ther ener­gizes the sto­ry.” (Pub­lish­ers Week­ly)